Shielding Accessories

Berrliyum Copper Finger Stock

At NTD we can supply any type of finger stock be it clip on, Stick on, snap on and special mounting i.e. for solder mounting for any kind of application. Beryllium coppers unique material properties make it ideal for RFI/EMI shielding and is available in numerous plating options.

Wire Mesh and Foam Gaskets

We can supply various types of (TCS) tin coated steel twin dumbbell Knit mesh gaskets along with a range of soft fabric foam gaskets in a variety of shapes and thicknesses.

Wave Guide Vents

We can supply several types of waveguide vents at any size in different cell sizes. For all inlet and extract ventilation our shielded waveguides allow air to pass through but attenuates against radiated interference.

Electrical Filters, Power, data, Signal and Control Line

All electrical services pass through electrical filters which are fitted to the surface of the shielded room. We can supply filters for Power and lighting distribution, power supply for equipment under test, data, communications, control, fire control systems and HVAC control systems.From 2 line 5A -400A,4 line 5A – 400A , DC 5A – 400A, 2 line (1pair) phone, data, signal and control and 32 line (16 pair) phone, data, signal and control we can supply them all.

Pipe Penetrations

We supply all types of pipe penetrations available with screw, compression or solder fitting for many different types of applications from fibre optic cables to liquids and gases.

Shielded Windows

We can supply shielded windows in many sizes. Constructed using 2 sheets of glass with a mesh layer between .The Shielding performance of the window is directly related to the quantity and density of the mesh used.

Copper Tape/Connectors

We supply various types of copper tapes at varying sizes for all sorts of applications. We also supply a wide range of connecters from NTD’s through to 15- pin HD connectors.

Absorber Materials and Ferrite Tiles

We supply 100mm square ferrite tiles of different thicknesses. These can be with or without a centre hole depending on the customer’s exact needs. The centre hole is used to screw the tile to the wall meaning they are demountable where as tiles with out the hole are fixed by way of glue so are not demountable.

We also supply several different types of absorber/ram material of various sizes depended on the application.