Architectural Shielding

NTD offers architectural RF shielding capabilities, including RF shielding for medical, communications, and other radio frequency interference sensitive facilities. NTD provides architectural shielding solutions for buildings, laboratories and other spaces

By using materials such as Shielded wallpaper (copper) and metalized fabrics which combine highly conductive metals with the flexibility and light weight of fabric we are able to offer a low cost form of shielding with an effectiveness typically between 40 and 60db. This kind of low specification shielding is used in the below applications

Laboratories and research locations incorporate facilities that may be particularly vulnerable to RFI. Sensitive experiments may be compromised by transient RF events with significant economic, even life-threatening, consequences.

Wireless and wired telecommunications installations close to powerful stations like FM, AM or TV broadcast facilities often suffer interference from high level’s of RFI. Hard to find service quality problems, dropped calls, and test procedure difficulties are often caused by RFI.

Medical facilities are often located in areas of high RF density, causing a malfunction risk to sensitive patient and laboratory equipment. Medical facilities are also generators of high-level radio frequency energy from electro-surgical devices, linear accelerators, diathermy equipment, MRI equipment and other devices that may pose a threat not only to collocated equipment, but to associated patient and worker health. Problems have occurred from on-site security guard radios, cell phones, rooftop antennas, and vehicular radios.