RF Shielded Boxes

"The optimum solution for testing small electronic items"

NTD RF Shielded Boxes

Where keeping RFI away is paramount the NTD range of RF shielded boxes is the solution. Whilst testing mobile phones, small antenna's or other electronic devices our RF shielded box gives the user total confidence that any unwanted interference radiated by base stations, neighbouring test and service sets and mobile phones will not effect the measurement results of the equipment under test.

The Design of the NTD Shielded Boxes

Our RF boxes are designed to offer excellent RF shielding effectiveness and consistent and repetitive RF testing. The pneumatically supported lid enables quick and easy opening and closing ensure no time is lost during benchmark or functional testing. It is equally important to tackle internal waves as metallic surfaces reflect radio waves, causing as much disturbance as external signals. As BER and phase error measurement can be easily distorted, special absorber materials are used to combat reflections and stationary waves with in the RF box..

Advantages Over Large Enclosure

There are many advantages NTD RF shielded boxes has over large shielded enclosures for customers wanting to test smaller/handheld electrical items. Firstly they are portable so can be set up anywhere and easily moved, they are also very cost effective costing a fraction of the price of a shielded chamber, the boxes are individually shielded so you can have large quantities of concurrent testing underway without one test interfering with an other.

Download our NTD RF Shielded Boxes Information PDF