RF Door Services

At NTD we understand that the RF door is the most important part of any shielded enclosure. It is imperative that every RF door is effectively maintained otherwise it will have serious affects on the shielding effectiveness of the entire enclosure.

Maintenance contracts

At NTD our service engineers maintain and service all types of RF doors from manual single swing type doors through to large fully pneumatic double doors at numerous sites all over the UK. From basic cleaning, finger stock replacement, replacement of pneumatic parts and other components we can offer our customers total confidence in our maintenance contracts.

Finger stock damage is the most common cause of damage to the majority of RF doors and this can be a serious problem. This will not only impede the opening and closing of the RF door but it will also greatly affect the door performance resulting in significantly reduced shielding effectiveness not just for the door but the entire enclosure. At NTD we can source and replace any type of finger stock for any type of RF door ranging from your standard clip on type fingers through to the solder mounted finger stock which are skilfully soldered to the door or frame.

Door Refurbishments

Total door refurbishments can be a cost effective alternative as appose to complete door replacements when old RF doors are coming to the end of there life cycle. Complete finger stock replacement where allowed followed by re balancing, realignment of door for latching and swing and finally cleaning and greasing is the normal procedure we would undertake when refurbishing an RF door but obviously different doors would require different actions.

Door Replacement

When an RF door is too damaged and there is no remedial action that can be taken to fix the door we can supply and install any type of RF door new or used.

We can supply new doors for fitting to pan type or sandwich board enclosures and also supply second hand refurbished doors that are sometimes an attractive cost effective