RF Relocations and Installations

At NTD a large proportion of our RF shielding work fulls under the RF installation category. Our expert RF installation team is much sought after and has vast collective experience of installing every type of shielded room and complex through out the UK ,Europe, Middle East and and Asia. We are able to offer unique unparalleled installation services and are able to provide any potential customers with first class references to back up our claim as "the best RF Installation team in the UK and Europe"

RF Room / EMC Complex Relocations

At NTD a large proportion of our installation work is the relocating of existing chambers and facilities as customers look to move to new premises.

We are able to perform these relocation's with minimal interruption to the customer and as short as possible down time. This allows our customers piece of mind that there RF rooms are being moved by experts that have vast experience in the safe dismantle, delivery and re erection of there chambers

Once the chamber has been successfully moved and rebuilt we will re test the chamber so the customer has total confidence in the RF performance.