NTD designs and manufactures X100 high performance mobile, bespoke and customised mobile RF and Antenna chambers which have been developed to meet all types of customers’ requirements. The NTD mobile RF and Antenna chambers are very high performance and offer +100db of shielding attenuation @ 40GHz and can be fitted with best-in-class absorbers rated up to 110 GHz. In order to maintain the very high level of shielding effectiveness of the X100 range all apertures and incoming power and communication filters must be upgraded as below.

  • 40GHz Honeycomb vents.
  • 40GHz Power line filters.
  • 40GHz Shielding system.
  • 40GHz RF Door.
  • USB, HDMI, LAN, D sub all over fibre (media converters).
  • High performance penetration panel and connectors.


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Each X100 mobile chamber solution comes with a high-performance Interface/Penetration panel and a 6-way 3 pair high performance fibre optic pipe to support all media conversions as listed above as standard. The Interface/Penetration panel is designed and populated to every customer specific Shielding-spec requirement and can be populated with all manner of connectors for example 2.92, BNC, SMA and N connectors etc.

Each RF Box can be manufactured with RF accessories including:

  • Ceiling or Side Mounted Exhaust Cooling Fans utilised to provide ventilation and cooling without degrading RF Shielding Effectiveness of the enclosure.
  • High performance Microwave or RF Absorber for small Antenna testing providing a completely reflection free environment.
  • Additional RF Removable interface/Connector Panels for different test set ups as required.
  • Low interference/interference free LED Lighting.
  • AC/DC single and 3 phase high and low power outlets.
  • VESA fire detection systems.
  • Internal Shelves/small workbenches.
  • All manner of specialist RF Pipe Penetrations.
  • High performance RF Power, Signal, Telephone and Data Filters.
  • Antenna stands.
  • Test calibration stands, etc.
  • Locking castor wheels.

High performance RF cabinets are also available on request and these are again bespoke designs to meet the individual customers exact requirements.

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