Ferrite Tiles and Absorber Linings

NTD Shielding Services supply a range of radio wave absorbing materials (RAM) which can be tailored to your specific chamber configuration and specification requirement. Such materials typically take the form of Ferrite Tiles or Pyramidal Absorbers.

The key physical attributes of Ferrite within shielding is that it consists of domains with polarised bias and this rotates against the oscillating wave to absorb radiated energy. Ferrites are very good between the frequency range 30MHz to 800MHz with performance diminishing thereafter.

All NTD Shielding Services chambers which are to comply with CISPR16-4-1 are fully lined with ferrite tiles to all 6 internal faces.

NTD Shielding Services product reference FT10 is a single ferrite tile with dimensions of 100mm x 100mm and a thickness of 6.7mm, our tiles are precision machined to ensure the=at there are minimal gaps between the tiles thus improving the overall performance of the ferrite installation. We also supply FT60 ferrite boards which consist of nine FT10 ferrite tiles which are pre-mounted to a board ready to be fitted to the inner linings. FT60 can save time with onsite installation and are more suited to areas where it may be a periodically required to remove areas of tiles.

For more information see our data sheets here.

Pyramidal absorbers are employed at higher frequencies to provide a return loss of approx. 50 to 60dB when used with NTD FT10/ 60 chamber linings. These absorbers are the carbon loaded foam type which have been used for many years and are generally used within fully compliant CISPR16-4-1, 3m, 5m and 10m EMC test chambers but it would suffice to say that there are many types and sizes of pyramidal absorbers and their application is largely dependent on the size and application of the chamber, therefore NTD Shielding Services propose absorber solutions in line with the individual client requirements.

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