TESEO is now at the third generation of shielded camera systems for EMC applications.

Whether the camera is used to monitor a device under test or control the operations being carried on in an anechoic chamber, the presence of a high level of electromagnetic field requires a well shielded camera and a fiber optic connection to the control room. The higher the field the more stringent the immunity requirement imposed on the equipment.

A superior shielding effectiveness further helps in the radiated emission tests as a poorly shielded camera could contribute to the noise emitted by the device under test. Additionally the typical low illumination conditions encountered in a test chamber request the adoption of a high quality CCD.

TESEO has sold for many years state of the art camera systems based on the best CCD’s available on the market coupled with the excellent TESEO video fiber optic link. 200V/M rated.


The most common applications are:

  • monitoring of the inside of the chamber by a camera fitted to a wall (or tripod mounted in a corner)
  • reading of a LED, CRT or display as part of the immunity test of an electronic device
  • pointing at a dashboard or airplane cockpit during radiated susceptibility tests

Selection Criteria

The technical criteria most often used to select the camera are:

  • test field level
  • focal distance
  • size
  • quality of the CCD
  • manual or remote command
  • battery or mains power
  • integration in a complete video, audio, monitoring fiber optic system

Of course also budget constraints are to be considered.

TESEO offers a solution to any standard technical configuration requested at  the most convenient price.

MCAF Camera
MCAF Camera

IMAGE300MC is the highest performance system, in use worldwide in many EMC laboratories.

The main features are the capability to remotely command pan, tilt, zoom, focus (iris is automatic), to be immune at high radiated electromagnetic interference from 10 kHz to 40 GHz up to 200 V/m, to live on the battery, with the exclusion of the pan/tilt functionality, in case of mains unavailability.

Tanks to the very high ratio between max and min focal lengths, the camera mounted on a wall can oversee the interior of the chamber for safety reason during the set-up operation and focus on a small display of a device for verification of EUT immunity in the course of radiated test.

PTU Pan and Tilt Unit
PTU Pan and Tilt Unit

The system is formed of:

  • MCAF high performances color camera, PAL standard, shielded to 200 V/m from 10 kHz to 40 GHz
  • PTU03 pan/tilt unit, AC powered, with adapter for tripod mount
  • AL6 shielded mains power supply 12 VDC, 24 VAC with battery incorporated for CCU03 and PTU02
  • FB010 10 meter long bifiber optical cable, 200/230 um
  • MOCS-MFR chassis housing a max of three plug-in    modules

 OVCM302P 2-slot plug-in module for insertion in MOCS MainFrames 



The camera belonging to the system is small and with short focal distance like MCAF, but not provided with remote commands. The manual command of the camera simplifies the configuration of the video link, that is formed of:

  • MCMA manual color camera, PAL standard, shielded up to 200 V/m from 10 kHz to 40 GHz
  • AL7-HF shielded mains power supply 12 VDC
  • FC010, 10 meter long mono fiber cable, 200/230 um
  • OVR2 optical receiver

A TV color is to be added to make the above system operate.

MCMA Manual Color Camera
MCMA Manual Color Camera

The main options are:

  • 14” color TV
  • Any length of the fiber cable up to 500 m
  • Color standards other than PAL
  • AL7-HF/US and OVR2/US for 110 VAC, 60 Hz mains
  • Shielded battery pack and charged for total independence (10 hours) from the mains (BAT-2)
  • Dielectric tripod 

The link is formed of:

  • OVT2 optical transmitter
  • AL8 unshielded 12 VDC supply for OVT2
  • FCmmm single fiber cable mmm meter long, 200/230 um
  • OVR2 optical video receiver

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