Reconditioned RF Rooms/Chambers/Components & Anechoic

NTD offer a wide range of quality reconditioned items for the RF test and measurement markets as listed below:

RF Rooms: All types and sizes
RF Doors: Single, double, Pneumatic
RF Filters: Power (single/3 phase) and Control
Turntables: Low profile up to 2m heavy duty
MAPS systems: Various makes and manufacturers
Ferrite tiles: Singular, 600mmx 600mm boards, movable floor carts
Absorbers: Various standard and rubberized options
Test equipment: Amps, power sources and spectrum analyzers
GTEMS: Various types and sizes
Bench top RF boxes: Various types and sizes 
Specialist pipes: Various types and sizes
Waveguide vents: Various types and sizes


For additional product information and pricing please contact NTD sales office

+ 44 (0) 1744 757 277