RF Chambers and EMC Facility Relocations

NTD is the UK’s and Europe’s No1 RF chamber and EMC facility relocation specialist. NTD has the capability, expertise, experience and Know how to efficiently move and rebuild any type/size of EMC/RF chamber/facility regardless of manufacturer whilst also adapting, reconfiguring and upgrading the facility to suit the new host building and or customers new requirements if required.

Ripple tests, SE Pre-test, dismantle, transport, rebuild, Full SE test, re wire, re calibration   NTD handles it all. One company one complete solution.

GTEM cells, small RF shields, DEI chambers, OTA, MIMO, Compact chambers, 3m, 5m 10m test chambers NTD has the experience and proven track record to deliver your project on time  and  on budget regardless of complexity.


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