RF Rooms/EMC Chamber and Facility Modifications & Upgrades

NTD is the UK’s and Europe’s No1 RF chamber and EMC facility modification and upgrade specialist.

NTD are able to offer and implement all types of both practical and performance enhancing upgrades to any type of existing RF/EMC chamber in line with any type of customer requirement.

NTD specialise in and have vast experience in ferrite tile and absorber (RAM) material upgrades and can provide partial or fully lined solutions dependent on the customer's specific requirements and the performance criteria.

We also have in stock the materials and expertise to retro fit into existing chambers additional penetration panels, Attenuvents and all manner of fibre, network, air conditioning, HVAC and telephone line solutions.

We also specialise in RF chamber modification/reconfiguration works and can re position doors and other services to suit customers changing requirements.

For additional product information and pricing please contact NTD sales office


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