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Welcome to NTD Shielding Services Online Shop!

NTD hold a large stock of various shielding materials and components most of which have typically long lead times and our also bespoke/custom made.

Additional to our more common stock products which are listed below we also hold a range of specialist penetration pipes, specialist connectors/chamber feedthroughs, specialist gaskets/finger stock and many other shielding related components.

I you have any type of shielding requirement and you require some technical support, or you simply cannot find what you are looking for please let us know and we will be happy to assist.

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New Stock Items

  • Ferrite Tiles

    Ferrite Tiles


    This is a single ferrite tile with dimensions of 100mm x 100mm and a thickness of 6.7mm. NTD tiles are precision machined to ensure that there are zero gaps between the tiles during installation thus improving the overall performance of the facility in which they are installed.

    FT-10 Ferrite Download datasheet FT-10 Ferrite Download datasheet | Enquire about this product


    These are 600mm x 600mm ferrite boards which consist of 36 FT10 ferrite tiles. The 36 tiles are glued and pre-mounted to a timber backing board.

    FT-60 Ferrite Download datasheet FT-60 Ferrite Download datasheet | Enquire about this product


    This is a 600mm x 600mm movable ferrite board ideal for chamber floors where different test setups/configurations are required and when continuous manual handling can become an issue.

    MFB-60 Ferrite Download datasheet MFB-60 Ferrite Download datasheet | Enquire about this product

    NTD also provide ferrite board storage solutions when space is at a premium.

    Ask for product sku: NTD-FT10, NTD-FT60 or NTD-MFB-60

    Price: POA

  • 6 x Fibre Optic Waveguide

    6 x Fibre Optic Waveguide

    Waveguide Filter with removable plug for transmission of pre-terminated fibre optic cables into the test environment without compromising shield performance.

    Each unit can accommodate 6 single fibre optic cables.

    Complete with tempest hazard warning tag and lanyard from body to core.

    Ask for product sku: NTD-FO6

    Price: POA

    Product images

    NTD-FO6 Download datasheet NTD-FO6 Download datasheet | Enquire about this product

  • Penetration Panel

    Penetration Panel

    Our standard penetration panels provide shielding effectiveness equal to the performance of the main shield.

    Specification & Standard sizes:

    • 300mm x 300mm (clear opening)

    • 300mm x 600mm (clear opening)

    • 3mm Electro tin plated Steel plate

    • 6mm rigid steel back frame

    Can be retro fitted into most common types of shield.

    More than 1 plate can be configured for each penetration to be changed depending on the test subject.

    Ask for product sku: NTD-PP33

    Price: POA

    PP33 Download datasheet PP33 Download datasheet | Enquire about this product

  • Attenuvents


    Attenuvents allow air movement and equalisation of internal and external air pressure whilst maintaining the integrity of the shield.

    Supplied as standard in sizes of 300mm x 300mm but larger sizes are available upon request.

    Can be used to facilitate air conditioning without compromising the shield performance.

    Performance - Minimum of 100dB at 200KHz to 18GHz.

    Ask for product sku: NTD-HCA33

    Price: POA

    NTD-HCA33 Download datasheet NTD-HCA33 Download datasheet | Enquire about this product

  • EMC Absorber

    EMC Absorber

    When you are looking for extended performance above 1GHz or simply to dampen some inside reflections NTD can help with a large and varied range of absorber material including rubber coated options.

    Price: POA

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  • Fingerstock Sealing Strips

    Fingerstock Sealing Strips

    NTD Shielding Services supply a vast array of different fingerstock sealing strips in a multitude of profiles and sizes. Specifying fingerstock can be a tricky nusoness with so many types and sizes so don't hesitate to talk to our experienced team who will help you to find the material that you require.

    Price: POA

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  • Power & Control Line Filters

    Power & Control Line Filters

    NTD Shielding Services supply high performance filters that are ideal for this application and are designed to meet the very highest insertion loss requirement of 100dB from 10kHz to 10GHz and features an extended low frequency performance to provide considerable filter attenuation at frequencies as low as 1kHz.

    Price: POA

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