We can supply antennas from a wide range of suppliers, these include

  • Active and Passive Rod Antennas for Mil Standard, and DO160 testing
  • Biconicals, Emissions and Immunity Testing > 2.5KW
  • Log Periodic Antennas, 25MHz – 18GHz
  • Bilog Antennas, 20MHz – 6GHz
  • Horn Antennas including Standard Gain, 170MHz – 40GHz inc MIL Standard 461 Horns
  • BCI Probes, Bulk Current Injection Probes, CE and Mil Std, 10kHz-500MHz
  • Current Probes, 20Hz – 500MHz
  • Calibration Jigs for Injection and Current Probes
  • Complete Antenna Kits, various, for EMC Emissions and Immunity, Shielding Effectiveness Testing
  • Tripods, Wood and Non Conductive
  • H field antenna Kits
  • Precision Dipole Sets


For additional product information and pricing please contact NTD sales office


+ 44 (0) 1744 757 277